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Challenge Rules!


To be a member of the Arcana's Tower, you must be an arcana member! If started and an arcana member disconnects then a non member may take that persons place!           

There are four members and one champion at the start of the challenge. The members of the Arcana's Tower can change each time a challenge is held. If a member must leave during one a replacement member will be appointed into the spot of the previous.

 Each Arcana's Tower member will have 8000 LP and the challenger starts with 8000. For every member you beat you gain 2000 LP back. The LP will be capped off at 8000 so you cannot gain more than that by the mechanics of the challenge. It is however allowed with card effects up to 12k LP

 Your deck will reset evey duel.

You may only use one deck per challenge and you may not use a side deck except against the champion. So bulld your deck wisely.

The Champion's deck is not set in stone and can change to his will depepnding on the challenger. If you reach the champion it will be a 2/3 match in where you both may side cards in. After the champion chooses his deck against the first challenger that reaches him/her he must use that deck

When you beat the champion you will take his role and proceed to face other challengers that reach the champion.

The banlist is the current DME banlist located here http://www.neus-projects.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=3138 I will also be adding Exodia and Stall/Burn to the list