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Battle City Tournament Rules

We play by the following banlist located here: http://www.neus-projects.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=3138 I am also adding Exodia, stall and all burn cards to this list

All duels in this tourney will be played with 4000 Lifepoints.

Each Player gets 2 Key Pieces at the start. You need 6 Key Pieces to enter the finals.  If you lose both pieces you are eliminated from the tournament.

Each win you get against a player in the tournament you will recieve one of their key pieces. In addition to the single duel, you may also participate in FFAs and Tag duels to earn Key Pieces.

For an FFA every player wagers a key piece. The winner will recieve all 3 key piece. For tag duels each person on a team wagers a key piece. The winning team's members will recieve 1 key piece each.

In this tournament you may not avoid challenges. if someone asks you to duel you must accept. Players will have 5 minutes after each duel where they may turn down other players, after that they are challengeable again.

The time limit until the finals will be 1 and a half hours. At the end of that time or if all players have their entrance to the finals or are eliminated I will choose people with the second highest amounts to enter.

When you get 6 key pieces you may not duel in the tournament until the finals start. This means you may not be challenged.

                                               RULES FOR THE FINALS

The finals will be bracketed first to one win duels. The winner of the finals will be posted on my champion's realm page.

The finals will be held in a location of my choosing.