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Character Deck Tourney Rules!

You must construct a deck like the characters, having the general theme of the deck will suffice. You may pick any character from the yugioh universes, with the exception of Crow and Kiryu. Depending on the character you pick, I have 2 cards that must be included into your deck. Some may hurt the deck more than others. You may not use cards from the decks of other characters for example do not use cyber dragon if you are not Ryo Marufuji. However, if two characters have played the same card then you may use it. An example would be Jack and Yusei having both used stardust dragon. You may run multiples of cards in the deck.

Required Cards: At the start of the match before players draw you will place the two required cards onto the field and show them to your opponent. After verification you will return the two cards to your deck and shuffle.

Yusei: Speed Warrior, Quillbolt Hedgehog

Judai: Elemental Hero Neos, Elemental Hero Bubbleman

Jack: Big Piece Golem, Trust Guardian

Carly: Fortune Telling Witch - Hikari Chan and Sui Chan

Edo Pheonix: D-Hero Bloo-D, D-Hero Domaguy

Midori Hibiki: Fallen Angel Asmodeus, Fallen Angel Ukobach

Daichi Misawa: Water Dragon, Bonding H2O

Yugi Moto: Dark Magician, Buster Blader

Dinosaur Ryuzaki: Two Headed King Rex. Wild Raptor

Katsuya Jounoichi: Baby Dragon, Red Eyes Black Dragon.

Asuka Tenjoin: Cyber Tutu, Etoile Cyber

Rex Godwin: Red Ant Azcatl, Earthbound Immortal Wirochaca Rasca

Seto Kaiba: Blue Eyes White Dragon, X-Head Cannon

If you request any more characters PM me and I will add them to this list.