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DME yugioh

Deck Master Rules

We will play by the DME Banlist and your Deck Master must also follow the banlist.

Your Deck master must be an effect monster and cannot be a synchro, fusion, ritual or gemini. It also must be level 6 or below

You can only use the effect of a deck master every 3 of your turns and if a deck master has a continous effect such as jinzo it is always active. If the deck master needs to be tributed for it's effect then it is allowed and will return at the end phase. If the monster needs to be tribute summoned then his effect will not work. If a monster needs to be normal summoned then it's effect will not activate.

Deck masters will remain on the 6th monster slot called field. Deck masters may declare attacks every 5 of your turns and cannot be attacked by your opponent's monsters. If your deck master is destroyed by your opponent you lose the duel. Your deck master cannot be targeted by S/T/Monster effects unless it attacks and cannot be destroyed unless it attacks

The deck master is considered to be on the field.

Your deck master may not be tributed or used as a synchro material monster/ fusion material

If a deck master tributes itself for it's effect then it may only come back a maxium of three times

Summon your deck master before you draw your opening hand, if not then summon it from your hand and draw another card.

You may not attack deck masters, but you can attack past them.

The time limit of duels will be 35 mins, after that the player with the highest lifepoints will win

Banned Deckmasters are I will take suggestions to this list: Jinzo, Magic Canceller, Raiou, Orichalcos Kyotura, Amazonnes Tiger, Maurading Captain, Deformer Boardn, Madame Wight, Amazoness Queen, Holy Light, BF Sirocco,  Neospacian Air Humming Bird, Masked Knight lv 5, Thorn Fairy, Big Tusked Mammoth, All deck masters that cannot be destroyed by monster effects. all deck masters that will destroy themselves, King Tiger Wanghu,