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KONAMI 3v3 Rules

Each team may only have an allowed number of cards equal to the number allowed in a single deck. For example Book of Moon. 3 Book of Moons may be spread throught the team. For limited cards such as Torrential Tribute. Only 1 may be used per team. The Extra Deck also follows these restrictions.

Theses duels will be matches. 20 min max per duel. There will be no siding.

We will go by the DME banlist.

Before each tourney you will choose a line-up for your team. This will not change. The pairings will go as listed. player 1 vs player 1/ player 2 vs player 2/ player 3 vs player 3.

The matches will be simultaneous of each other.

The first team with 2 match wins, wins that round.