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Official Rules for a Team Battle tournament!

.The banlist is the current DME banlist located here http://www.neus-projects.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=3138

This will bea rotation duel meaning when one player loses another player steps in.

Teams may only consist of 3 members, no more no less.

There will be no side decking and players must remain with the same deck throughout the tournament.

When you are defeated you may give a maxium number of 3 cards to your next teamate, if you do not have for you must give as many cards as you can. Cards gained this way are not sent to the graveyard. They simply disappear

Player one from each team starts with 4000, player two starts with 6000 and player three starts with 8000.

When a player is defeated, the defeating players turn automatically ends, and it will be the incoming players turn. Cards whose effects occur in the end phase will still occur.

The winning player's deck and lifepoints will not reset.

If a player from a team drops out then the other team may continue with 2 members if they so wish.

The victor may choose up to 3 cards to remain on his field, all other cards will be sent to the graveyard and their effects will not activate.

Teams must give their line-up to the opposing team before the start of the match.

Teams may change their line-ups in between rounds, but must stick with theirs for the match

If a team member disconnects midway through the duel and desn't come back then the other team's field resets to their previous end phase and the next opponent will take the dsconnectors place.

If a player is defeated on their turn, the opponent has a turn where he can summon/set a monster and use/set one spell or trap card. That Player cannot attack directly that turn.

If A player wins with the effect of exodia then both players will lower their duel disks, no cards will be kept and the next match will begin with the losing players team going first. That player may not attack.