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DME yugioh

War Tourney Rules

We will follow the DME banlist, no exceptions. I will also be adding exodia and stall/burn to the list.

To register for the war duel, stand infront of me and tell me which team you would like to be on, Red or Blue. If the team has an open spot I'll put you on it, if teams will not be even by you joining one you will have to wait for someone to join the opposite team before you can.

There will be 2 teams. There is no limit a team can have per war. But the teams must be even or 1 off. Each player on a team will have one life each. When you lose a duel, you lose your life and you are eliminated.

Players may transfer their life to another player to revive them. Once a life has been transfered it cannot be transfered again. If a player disconnects during a duel it is counted as that player losing their life.

All duels will be 1/1 and the war will continue until all players on one team are dead.

You may use different decks as much as you'd like in the war.

Each team will have 1 commander who I will assign at the beginning of the war, the commander's job is to hide somewhere in the DME map and try to not be found, but you must give out a hint of where you are hiding to anyone who asks. If the commander is found and defeated in a duel then the commander and a number of players chosen by the opposing team are eliminated (If we have 19- then 1 29-20 then 2-3 etc) If a player is in a duel they may not be chosen for elimination.

Players may participate in team battles/tag duels.

When you lose your life or wish to transfer your life to your teammate PM me and I will record it. Also if you find a player is cheating PM me and I will DQ them instantly.